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    Echo Mod is an Arma 2 and Arma 3 complete modification depicting a harsh world in a post zombie apocalypse world.

    Echo is set in a time after a devastating plague quickly spread across the world and brought the dead back alive. Enough time has elapsed that society and all that was known regarding social standards have all been forgotten. There is nothing left except survival. Some people cant handle the new world and have become echos. This most often happens by a bullet to the head as it has become well known that damaging brain tissue is the only way to prevent even the dead from arising.

    The infestation spread the fastest in the hot, underdeveloped countries where governments and military were the weakest. This caused small terrorist groups like Isis, Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda to flee their homelands and find shelter in the more civilized and secure lands in Europe and the West. Small groups of these terrorist have partnered up with other bandits and do whatever it takes to stay alive.

    Those that can handle the new world have adapted and learned to survive.

    Living is no longer an option, it's just survival.

    DayZ Echo Features

    - Classic Zombies (Walkers)
    - Massive zombie hordes
    - Roaming bandit squads
    - Harsh, cold world. Learn to survive very quickly or freeze to death (or worse)
    - Terrain and building re-skins to fit into a post apocalypse world. Every building in Arma 2 has been re-skinned to fit into Echo better
    - More enterable buildings. We have scoured the net for modded buildings and even carved out a few of our own so Chernarus would have more buildings to search and hide in.
    - Customized survival actions (ex - smoking cigarettes to ease the shakes after a heated battle)
    - RPG leveling system (level 1-81)
    - Persistent skills system that you can level up performing various tasks.

    - Many skins from various Dayz mods along with many custom skins
    - Many vehicles from various Arma 2 mods along with custom vehicles and re-skins
    - Custom base building system
    - Custom missions
    - Achievement system (V0.996)
    - Custom Vehicle crafting system

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